Patrice Milley


Patrice R. Milley

My first job at age 15 was working for a flower shop in Hamden, Connecticut, which I continued to do through high school. I enjoyed the summers in Chatham, Massachusetts with my family.

As an undergraduate at Connecticut College, I majored in Botany, while also pursuing Art History and Dance. After graduating I worked at Phillips Farm Florist, a flower shop in Chatham owned by John Phillips. Deciding I needed a break, I worked for Cape Cod Life magazine as an advertising rep for 2 years. I then decided to open my own flowers shop with an acquaintance. I left my shop after 5 years to leave the retail end of the industry and focus on special events.

In 1992 I was honored to be the first professional floral designer from Cape Cod to exhibit at Art in Bloom at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My staff and I participated in the event for 7 years.

I personally meet and consult with each client, custom designing the perfect ambiance for each event. I find inspiration for my designs in nature, architecture, music, art, and fashion.

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